World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education 2020

Volunteer Opportunity

Invitation for students to volunteer at WIPCE.

Call for Abstracts

WIPCE 2020 Call for Abstracts have now closed.

Sponsor WIPCE

The WIPCE 2020 Sponsorship Prospectus is now available.

WIPCE 2020 Hosts

WIPCE is hosted through a partnership of SAAETCC and TAC.

Tauondi Aboriginal Community College

WIPCE 2020 Conference Team

WIPCE 2020 is managed by an Indigenous planning and conference team.

Tarndanya (Adelaide) on Australian map

WIPCE comes to Australia

Tarndanya (Adelaide) South Australia will host the 2020 World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education.

WIPCE handover from Toronto to Adelaide

WIPCE Handover

Official host city handover from Toronto (2017) to SAAETCC and Tauondi Aboriginal College, Adelaide in 2020.